About Auto Gallery Augusta

Auto Gallery @Augusta is the newest branch of the AG Family, and the first branch located outside of North Georgia. Although new to the Augusta market, we are veterans of the used cars sales industry. Each member of our AG@Augusta Family is experienced in the car sales industry and dedicated to delivering exceptional service to every individual entering the dealership. It's more than purchasing a car, it's a car buying experience. We are ready.. are you? Let's Start™ your approval, today!

Since the opening of our first location in Gainesville, Georgia, 17 years ago, our approach for achieving success has changed often. However, our mission has always remained the same. We are committed to changing the car buying experience. Each individual that walks through the doors of one of our four branch locations can expect to be welcomed to the Auto Gallery Family, regardless of a credit score, a bank statement, or a financial status. We are committed to getting you approved and into your new vehicle, today. Sometimes, it takes a little extra work, or an extra phone call, or an email. It might take some additional time being placed on hold, or extra time waiting for an email response.  It can take time, and our time is dedicated to you. But, we understand that it's also your time, and it is valuable. Therefore, we are committed to work with you, stand by you and get you approved, and into your new vehicle the day you walk into one of our four locations. We hope to see you walk through the doors of one of our branches. And when you do, we are ready to say, "Let's Start™" your approval.